Renegade – 2020 Limited Release

SOLD OUT – A beast of a Pinot Noir. Fighting against everything 2020 threw at us, here is a Pinot Noir against the odds.

The premise for the 2020 “Renegade” was to attempt to make a wine from the bushfire affected grapes of the 2020 vintage.  While the smoke affect was fairly minimal, we aimed to use some winemaking creativity and daring to make a delicious, wild, and early drinking wine that we thought would give a sincere one fingered salute to the year most of us would like to forget!  Using whole bunch, some wild yeasts and a generous helping of new French oak, we have created a wild wine from an undoubtedly wild year!

Full tasting notes: 2020 LTD REL Renegade Pinot Noir

Price (AUD): $40.00
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