Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Point Vineyard is located in East Gippsland, Victoria, within view of the Gippsland Lakes. The vineyard site, situated between the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and Bass Strait, was selected when soil mapping of the region identified tracts of the much celebrated Terra Rosa over Limestone soil structure.

The 29Ha vineyard was planted between 1995-1997 by the Lightfoot family on their farm ‘Myrtle Point’. Pinot Noir plantings make up almost half, with smaller bocks of Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet.

Good annual rainfall of around 700mm and a regular coastal breeze throughout the growing season provides good airflow within the canopy and assists in the natural management of healthy vines.

Shoot thinning and crop thinning when required, along with and limited use of irrigation helps maintain low cropping levels of less than 2 tonnes per acre. The maritime influence in the vineyard has a moderating effect on the cool climate and enables our fruit to develop flavours that have great varietal character and depth of flavour.